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Catching unfaithful partners

how to catch a cheating spouse

Does this sound familiar?

“I have to work late in the office…”

“I have a conference I have to attend…”

“I am going out with an old school friend….”

These are some of the typical excuses that spouses make to their loved ones when committing adultery.


Why?? is the question you find yourself saying AFTER you find out that your partner/wife/husband has been cheating on you.  There are a whole mix of emotions that will go through you, ranging from:

  • Being upset from the incident
  • Confused as to why your other half would do such a thing
  • Empty/numb wondering what you did wrong to cause this
  • Angry at the other person as to the pain, suffering and heartache that they have put you through

“Prevention is better than cure

You have probably heard that saying before, and if not, it is as simple as what it implies.  If you arm yourself with the necessary resources and tools in whatever situation you want to avoid from happening, not just catching cheating spouses, then you save yourself the hassle of the after-effects the situation will bring.

3 Tools for catching cheaters

The tools mentioned above, are the 3 best tools that I believe someone will need in order to have all sides covered when it comes to obtaining evidence and catching an unfaithful spouse in the act.

1) Mobile Phone Spy Software

Mobile phones outnumber PCs by about 4:1 globally.  With the advancements in mobile phones and the emergence of tablets, people can browse the internet and make phone calls, take pictures/videos on the go.  Social networks such as Facebook and dating sites such as Match dot com means that it is easier than ever for a spouse to be unfaithful without their other half finding out.

Mobile phone spy software works by monitoring and recording all activity on the target phone and displaying it in the members area.  It also acts as a tracking device and can display the phone’s location on a map service like Google maps.  The software is undetectable to the phone user as it runs silently in the phone’s processes.  CLICK HERE for more.

2) Investigation methods resource

Just like a private detective would go about investigating a person to see if they are being unfaithful to their spouse, this resource shows you how to investigate and confirm or dismiss your suspicions about your spouse’s cheating behavior.  CLICK HERE for more.

3) PC Spy tools

PCs have been around longer than mobile phones and are the first device used to access the internet.  These days with the development of them and mobile phones, the access to social networking sites like Facebook and twitter and online dating sites make it easier for people to have an illicit encounter.

PC Spy software works as a keylogger that captures information off the PC, like which websites the person has visited, emails received etc.  If you wanted to check whether or not a partner has been unfaithful, you can log into the software admin area and check out what sites and interaction your partner has done.  The software runs in “stealth” mode, which means it is undetectable to the user.  CLICK HERE for more.